So, Kaylah is 7, nearly 8 and she’s had wobbly teeth for a good while. She has seen her friends lose their teeth, heard about the “Tooth Fairy” and pretty much been left behind when it came to shedding her baby teeth. It isn’t really a huge deal, they come out when they are ready, right? Every kid loses their milk teeth, ready to grow those big adult pearly whites and be just that little bit more grown up. Yet, Kaylah has had for the last few months 2 extra teeth right at the front in the bottom row. We called her our little shark, and was quite endearing.

Now, they are out, and there goes another part of her smaller childhood. Too soon she’ll be too old for the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus, too big for all the things that might be silly to adults but what makes being a child so magical. Having been through it once already with my son, it was lovely to once again do all the things that only a small child wants to do. Kaylah hasn’t yet grown so independent that she doesn’t need our help with many every day things but it will come. The day when she will be going to school by herself, travelling on the bus with her friends rather than us, and generally being too cool to hang with the ‘rents.

In the meantime, I’ll bake with her, craft with her, brush her hair and make sure she knows she’ll always be our little princess, even when she’s not so little any more. She’s got plenty of growing left to do, and I am in no hurry to get to the other side of that.