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Point And Click

OK, here is where I admit I am a complete novice, but I am really keen on learning about photography. I have a few cameras in my collection. They were not expensive but they are a great starting point and have served me well, so far. Some have said that I have a great eye for a picture, but I think I have been lucky. On occasion I have been able to snap a shot that I was quite proud of.

I have plenty of sources of material to practice with, both animate and static, at home and outside. Now I need some real knowledge and practical experience to hone my skills. It always seemed to be point and click, and a bit of patience thrown in, but when you change from digital to film then a bit of know-how comes in to play. The alternative would be a heck of a lot of potentially wasted film, not to mention the cost these days of purchasing the film and developing it!


I am aware of the plethora of free and available resources online that I can use to help learn photography techniques but there is so much out there that it is quite intimidating. The idea of having some beautiful pictures that were taken by myself is very appealing, and seeing the end product of what I was trying to achieve.

It is something our whole household has an interest in and we all have something we can use when we go places, but it is more the technological and technical aspects I wish to learn more about. Figure out all the things my camera can do and which setting is best for which environment, etc,. I don’t expect to ever make a living from it, but it is a fascinating hobby and it would mean I could produce my own pieces of work to keep.

Why Take Photos?

Advances in media software is a great advantage these days. However, there is nothing so special as taking a picture from right there in front of you and capturing the moment forever. I do want to record my daughter growing up, as whilst I did take lots of pictures of my son, they were not very good. Also, there was no digital media to help with storage and multiple shots to select the perfect one like there is now. Certainly nothing affordable to the everyday snapper like myself.

I may one day be able to afford a more expensive and advanced piece of kit but for now, I’ll carry on. With my simple yet efficient starter hardware,I’ll take hundreds of shots, searching for that one perfect take. I won’t be in the Tate, but might at least put something very nice up on the wall!


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  1. Haha. I woke up down today. You’ve cheeerd me up!

  2. I’ve always wanted to try photography. I always end up blurring shots etc. Nobody ever asks me to take a picture basically. But images capture so many words I would love to learn the skill!

    • Oh, I do hope you carry on trying. I have so many thousands of failed shots but a few that I absolutely love and those are the ones that make it worth it. 🙂

  3. I love photography as well and you really don’t need to spend so much money on gear. Invest more in lenses and a good light does all the work for you 😉

    • My husband has just bought me a lens which whilst it may be the starter one, it is more than capable of providing me with the means to get some lovely shots. Definitely learning lots about photography and even more to still learn. So much fun! 😀

  4. As a photographer I agree with the “it’s not the camera” people ask me what camera i use all the time and it’s so frustrating. They want to know my camera and then say “why don’t my pictures look like yours”… Its about having the eye. my camera cost the same as my favourite lens. If you have the eye, a half decent slr and some editing software the world is your oyster x

    • Thank you, I do love my camera and even though it is considered entry model it’s done me very well so far. I have just got a new lens which means I can finally use the auto-focus, and it does make a difference! I struggled so much with manual but I still want to practice to try and get it right. So many plans for photo ops this summer! x

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