In The Beginning

Thinking about blogging, it seemed like a good idea and maybe even fun. The reality is a little different. I have opinions, like most people. Interests, I have many. Choosing something to rattle on about in this blog? That’s when I quickly and efficiently draw a big fat zero.

I frequently read blog posts as an intergral part of the world wide web. They appear everywhere. The articles are often of interest, and they draw me into wanting to join the blogging community. I have hopes that one day, what I think or say will be of relevance to a wider audience than my immediate social circle. To make an impact and a difference in some positive way would be something to aim for.

All About The Basics

At first, I thought I’d just write down stuff and people would start to read it. I have since found out there is more to it than just writing my thoughts down. There is the editing, the layout requirements and even which words to use. This word is good but that word is not. Don’t use too many of one word but don’t forget to use your focus word more. It’s a learning curve, and I am climbing it. I haven’t been too good at regular postings, but I am at least trying to tidy up the ones I’ve done so far.

Then There’s The Software

Of course, it’s not just find a free blog template and write away. That does work to a point, but to keep the readers interest you have to make it look nice. There is an abundance of free blogging software available to choose from, themes to customize and colour your work. Layouts to tweak and menus to select. I have discovered that making and writing a blog take hard work and persistence. It doesn’t become successful on its own and I have so much respect for those bloggers out there that have managed to invest their time and hard work enough to gather a captive audience this way.