My daughter values her hair. What little girl brought up on Disney doesn’t? Kaylah is blonde and her hair reached way past her waist. She was proud of it and her resemblance to Rapunzel, and later on Elsa from that iconic movie Frozen was always sure to bring a comment or two. So when she agreed last year to have it all cut short for charity we were quite surprised. We explained how it would benefit a child who lost their hair through chemotherapy, and give them a real confidence boost.

We applied for a pack from the Little Princess Trust and started notifying friends and family of her plans. Soon after, though, she felt unable to go ahead so we gave her the choice to back out. We felt it was wrong to put her under pressure and take her hair without her feeling totally comfortable about it.

The problem with long plaits is that they tend to be a distraction to her, so we brought up the subject again recently of a big hair cut. She agreed and this time we took her for the cut and only posted her request for donations AFTER it was done so there was no messing people around. Facebook updates during her styling gathered a lot of support for her and she bravely gave 14 inches of her plait up.

She admitted afterwards that part of her was worried about what her friends would think of her new style but a little reassurance and lots of compliments proved to her just how pretty she still is. She loves her new shorter hair and enjoys being able to brush it unaided.

A simple hair cut is not much to some, but for Kaylah it was a big moment. She’s been to the hair dressers many times but this time was very special. This means a child will feel good about themselves because of her, and she can feel good for helping them.

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