So we have passed Hallowe’en, and Kaylah was once again dressed up and wanted her face painted. She loves the costumes and face paints more than the sweets! But it is not as easy as it looks. Sitting and digging through designs, video tutorials and templates can quickly make your head spin. This year we opted for a sugar skull design, and she was very pleased with it. I wasn’t so much, but then I am very critical of my work. It never appears as good compared to the image and result I have in my head. It is never as good as I see others, but Kaylah is always thrilled and gets positive comments from people who see her.

I have decided to set up a better collection. It’s just a couple of pallets of Snazaroo paints and some old make up brushes at the moment. I need more and a decent face paints set is the plan before the next party. I have no inclination to go into business for myself, much as I have been told I should. However, I do enjoy doing Kaylah up for her events so hopefully will get better the more I practice.  Even my husband is keen on dressing up next year!  He will need alternative plans as even the better paints such as Snazaroo do cause him to have a mild reaction.

I have nothing but admiration for those who do it as a profession, and those who even do it as a hobby with an artistic flair. They make it look very easy and straightforward, but one wrong stroke of the face paints and it can all go very messy!

I suspect that one day the novelty might wear off, but in the meantime I best get practicing. The internet makes finding designs very simple. Following the tutorials can make it slow, but is worth it. We might even progress to special effects and 3D enhancements. I have seen artists work in this field, and I can look for ages at their amazing talent.