Making The Transition – DSLR Camera Upgrade

Russell Gardens

Today I went to the park. It is a park I have been to many times. But today I had my husband with me, it was a beautiful sunny morning, and he suggested we go so that I could give my new camera a try out. I have been interested in photography for a long time, have always enjoyed taking pictures, but never really rated myself as a serious hobbyist in the field. Just a point and click at special moments type of person, hoping to get something to keep for memories.

He bought me this camera, but it’s not new. It is 6 years old and belonged to somebody else first. Yet, it is a wonderful and priceless gift to me, as it allows me to do something that I truly enjoy. Now, I can do more than capture moments of my passing life, and can actually look for art behind the picture.

I don’t consider myself particularly skilled or talented but I have so far been able to take some pretty decent pictures within the hundreds of duds that I have deleted away into the ether. It is a far cry from the times of buying 35mm film to pop into a narrow camera and then wait for the developed negatives to reveal how shaky or off target I might have been. I do have an old SLR that I acquired more recently, but after the luxury of digital media, the thought of paying for the film today was quite unappealing. Especially now, with the cost of developing being so much more these days,ย the thought of paying for photos that you haven’t even yet seen is considered quite unappealing.

New Nikon

Now, I have a Nikon DSLR that is an absolute a delight to use, despite having a steep learning curve with all the settings and manual adjustments that must be made compared to my trusty point and click compact Fujifilm. I took many, many useless shots today, but I also took a few really nice ones that I’ve chosen to keep and either save as is or have a play with photo editing them.

I’ve always been more comfortable behind the lens, but now I have something that will allow me to dig deeper and hopefully pick up more skills and techniques to improve my pictures. It helps that my husband also has genuine interest so we can both learn together. Even Kaylah has a decent compact camera and can get some pretty good shots with a little patience.

Where To Find Me

I’ve had some great feedback from friends and even from a website that I have started posting my pictures on [YouPic],ย ViewBug, and Photo4Me to see if they are as good as people say. Nice pictures, coupled with starting to use editing software, can make for some pretty stunning shots.




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  1. Joanna

    I remember when I did the transition to a DSLR, from a bridge camera. It wasn’t new, but it was so precious for me. Years later I bought another camera, new this time and now I am in the process of buying another one. I think mirorless would be my next step ๐Ÿ™‚

    • That sounds like me. I will upgrade eventually, but right now it suits and I do love it ever so much. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I have a DSLR and I’m so scared of using it. I just need to get it out and stop being so stupid!

    • I thought that, when I first unboxed it. I took a look and thought I’d never get the hang of so many settings and buttons. But, you’ll get there. It’s a wonderful piece of kit and I hope you learn to enjoy it as much as I do. xx

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