Summer Dreams – 5 Events To Keep Us Busy In The Holidays

Finding things to do in the holidays is always daunting. Arranged events can cost quite a lot. 6 weeks and more of entertainment and days out can be exhausting! I previously wrote a general post about trying to keep kids amused, what event we could consider, but hopefully this year we actually have a few things lined up to look forward to. There are so many events that we could attend, but we do have our favourites. It would be easy to let the weeks slide by but hopefully we can manage a few lovely days to look back on and remember.

1. Wingham Wildlife Park

We again have season passes to WWP and we are hoping to see the new wolf cubs they have. We do spend the whole day there and so far we have not become bored of the place. The animals are usually easy to spot and aren’t particularly shy so photo opportunities will be presented. Kaylah is almost too tall now to enter the children’s indoor soft play, but she enjoys it and will continue to until told she cannot go in any more.

2. Dover Castle

One of our local icons right on our doorstep, and again season passes have been purchased to guarantee a day out whenever we choose to go up there. They hold regular events which have been impressive, with spectacular displays, talks and hands on stalls relevant to the event theme. This year, we hope to attend their first jousting tournament ever held there!

3. Wildwood

This pass we’ve held since Kaylah turned 3 and we took her there for her birthday treat. It’s full of the wildlife that Britain either has now, or has had at some point in the past. Kaylah’s favourite animal resides here, the badger. They currently have a baby reindeer and baby red squirrels!

4. Herne Bay Air Show

This will be the 3rd year we attend this event, as we were very impressed since the first one we went to and go back every chance since. Kaylah adores the Red Arrows and the Spitfire, but enjoys seeing the other aircraft immensely as well. Taking public transport is essential as parking is impossible. It is always extremely busy over there, and although is a long day, it is well worth it.

5. Everything Else

There are many more locations we plan to visit, but they will be as and when we feel like it. The beach, parks, and even a day trip to Belgium are all on the cards. We do have a kitchen refit coming up but hoping that it doesn’t take up the two weeks that Colin has booked off and keeps us home instead. Kaylah is growing up fast, and one day she may decide she’d prefer the company of her friends but all the time she’s happy to be with us, we take full advantage and try and make the holidays as enjoyable and eventful as possible.

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  1. I really want to go to an air show this summer! I’m going to write it on my summer to do list!!! X

    • Please do, it is an amazing day out and makes quite the impression. 🙂 x

  2. Wildwood looks amazing, I think my kids would love it. Such great photos too!

    • Thank you, it is a wonderful place. We have grown to know the animals quite well, and it really does make for a brilliant day out. Even the park with the drop slide……apparently! (Not been on it myself lol)

  3. Good aarticle.

  4. Oh wow,
    What fabulous things you’ve got to look forward to!
    The wildlife park & wildwood look AMAZING x

    • We have been many times and just cannot get bored of them. They are perfect if we are a little short on money as we hold season passes and can just go out for the day with a picnic and camera in hand (in my case). When even the resident animals look at us as though to say “Oh, no, not you again!” then I’ll know we need a new venue! Haha! xx

  5. Great ideas! I really want To go to an air show I think my toddler would love it x

    • It has become quite the tradition since we first started going, and try and attend any and every local display we know about now. It’s usually free, lasts all day and rarely time for boredom between each craft’s demonstration. I highly recommend! xx

  6. We want to do a castle trip too! And maybe the beach as well!!

    • Michelle

      It doesn’t feel like the summer holidays if there’s not at least one beach trip included if there’s a chance to do so!

  7. What fab ideas. It is so important to have a list of things to do and places to visit for the summer holidays. I am working on mine. Thanks for the fab tips on places to go xx

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