Ok, so when people ask me what I like to get up to, one of my answers is RPG gaming or Role Play. This often brings with it a small amount of confusion, maybe some sniggering at “Role Play”, or the fall back reply “Oh, dungeons and dragons?”

Well, yes, I suppose that IS one of the things we play. But it is so much more than that! We use character sheets, with skill charts and figures to represent our level of that skill. We use dice, to determine whether we succeeded or failed in our attempt to use that skill. Plus we have the GM (Games Master) to contend with, who guides our travels through the scenario, but also controls the NPC (Non Player Characters) and the Beasts, Monsters and Bad Guys.

We have been doing this for nigh on 20 years now, and I look forward to it every single week. There are times where someone cannot attend, or we cannot play for various reasons, so board games or card games are brought to still ensure a fun and interesting evening.

We have battled every entity, from Orcs and Goblins, to Witches and Sorcerers, to denizens of Lord Cthulhu himself.

We don’t have alcohol, despite many thinking so, as we do have the practicality of needing to drive home afterwards. Yet a cup of tea and a pile of snacks are all we need to keep our brains (kind of) working. It’s up to us to decide our next moves, and the GM to second guess every decision we make to keep the game running smoothly.

Whilst we may at times stall, and leave the GM despairing as we don’t pick up the clues he’s left for us, we generally have a really good time with lots of laughter and some quite ridiculous moments. We wonder what people passing the open window in the summer think when they may hear us discussing the assassination of a person of power or attack with big sharp things against our foes, but assuredly it IS all just a game!