Start At The Top

Ok, so I’m new to blogging so please bear with me as I dip a toe. I’m doing this after chatting with a blogger friend and having assure me it’s both fun and easy to do, so thought I’d give it a go. Being not entirely comfortable with writing about myself, this could be awkward, but we will see where this goes. I guess I could start at the beginning, the title. Games are a passion of mine. They come in many guises and have a broad scope to choose from. Video games invade the lives of many millions of people. From casual players with time to kill, to heavy duty obsessives who would feel incomplete without their avatar and virtual world.

My gaming really began with a good old clam shell hand held game, Donkey Kong. That small brown piece of tech was gaming gold. It could be relied on to keep me enthralled and fixated for hours. One birthday, I think it was, I was bought an Atari 2600, and back then the biggest thrill was beating my own high score on centipede. Jump forward a few years when I had moved out, and I purchased a SNES along with a few games from my local 2nd hand electrical store. Bring on Super Mario All Stars and Donkey Kong Country.

Deeper Into The Games I Go

That’s where my collecting really took off. I went on to buy a Sega Mega Drive along with games, a Game Boy, a Sega Saturn, and even a Super Game Boy to bring Tetris and Zelda onto the big screen with those marvellous colours. At one point I even had a commodore 64 for a while but I didn’t keep hold of that. Still not sure if that was a mistake or not.

Add to that a PSX and a growing collection of titles for every platform, I was beginning to lose myself in the land of video games. There was a change of pace when I bought my first PC, as the games were a little different. Less the worlds and characters, more puzzles and card games on there.

Broadening The Gaming Field

When I was around 18 I was introduced to pen and paper RPG gaming. Best known as Dungeons and Dragons to the uninitiated. It started off just me and a neighbour, but quickly included a bunch of lively guys whom she knew and revived her gaming group. This has become almost sacred as I have been attending those gaming nights almost every week for the best part of 20 years now. It is my social interaction, my release, my time to be a grown up and still be childish.

Admittedly, I would spend a lot more time immersing myself in these alternate video game universes than I should have, locking the world out and throwing myself either into raising my son or playing games.

Into The Real World

Eventually the world won and I went out to work, learned to drive and actually forced me to engage with humankind. It worked, for a while, but then I met my now husband and being another happy gaming enthusiast, it wasn’t difficult to be drawn back to the video games side. The difference now though, is it isn’t obsessive, and we can go days or weeks without picking up a controller. Mind you, our combined collection is quite extensive now.

My son Daniel was given the chance to play some of the time as he grew up, but was restricted both on time allowed and content. He’s 21 now so it’s now lending me titles occasionally!

Kaylah is 7, and is restricted just the same, with much of her time spent away from screens and pixels as house rules. Whilst I still love the virtual worlds, I no longer allow them to rule my life, nor will I let them invade my child’s.